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From drawing to detail



Based on this information it’s much easier to choose the required equipment.

While the technology developing, we rely on modern methods of material processing, taking into account the gain experience and global achievements.

This allows finding the best solution to the task, calculating the cost of parts manufacturing and assessing the technological and economic feasibility of the project as a whole.

OPtimal solutions

When developing technology, we rely on modern methods of processing materials, taking into account all the experience we have accumulated, which allows us to find the optimal solution for your task. First of all, it is connected with the selection of the necessary processing modes, the durability of the tool used, the calculation of the machine and process time, the required productivity and production accuracy.

On the basis of the received information, customers are much easier to make a conclusion on a technical and economic justification of purchase of any other equipment.

Комплексный инжиниринг
Комплексный инжинирингКомплексный инжиниринг  

maximum efficiency

In the process of developing a technology for manufacturing parts, it is very important to coordinate all the engineering work being carried out with the customer at each stage of development. This approach allows you to select equipment with a reserve of technological capabilities or, conversely, exclude functions that can be replaced by existing equipment, develop technology for manufacturing parts and pick up a tool for processing that is most acceptable to the customer and fully satisfying the requirements of the technical specification.