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Commissioning works

For successful operation of complex and expensive equipment one of the most important questions is its right introduction to operation.

Without special knowledge of the specifics of this equipment, features of the assembly of all its components, connection, start-up and configuration, it is likely that it will be damaged during start-up or set up incorrectly, which may affect the accuracy and quality of the parts produced or cause equipment to premature wear.

Our company provides announcement and commissioning works of all OUR equipment.

All works are carried out by highly qualified BPK specialists , who have completed ALL NECESsary training courses.

Occupation and commissioning works, conducted by our company, include a few stages.

Work before holding of commissioning works:

Foundation production: the customer, independently or with the help of a contracting construction organization, prior to commencement of commissioning works, manufactures the foundation with wells for anchor bolts according to the task on the foundation of the machine tool provided by our company, and also carries out the necessary electric routes and pneumatic route (water supply and sewerage for water jet equipment) if necessary.

1st Stage

Installation by our specialists of the machine on the foundation with anchor bolts. Filling of anchor wells is made by the Customer. Foundation aging for at least 14 days from the date of pouring.

2nd Stage

  • Exhibition bed by level;
  • Installation and assembly of the machine. Electrical cabinet wiring if necessary;
  • Connection, start-up and setup of the machine;
  • Checking the geometry and accuracy of the machine according to the passport data;
  • Checking the performance of all machine components: spindle assembly, tool magazine, turret, tool measurement system, turntable, coolant supply pump, hydraulic cartridge, hydraulic supports, etc., launch test programs for testing and testing the machine in various modes.

3rd Stage

Delivery of the machine is carried out in the presence of the customer’s representative and includes delivery of the geometry and accuracy of the machine according to the passport data with entry in the inspection report, as well as the manufacture of either several standard test parts or several details of the customer agreed in advance in the supply agreement.

The delivery of the machine ends with the signing of the act of commissioning by authorized representatives of the customer and the contractor, after signing of which an equipment warranty of 18 months is provided.

Also during the commissioning works, a 16-hour machine operator is trained according to a program developed by our company, after which the operator can not only work confidently on the machine, but also properly maintain it.

If the commissioning works will be performed by the Customer independently, our specialists will provide free advice on the installation, connection, assembly and start-up of the equipment.