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Extended 18 months guarantee is provided for all supplied equipment. We are confident in quality and reliability of machines we sell. And moreover, ALL machines’ parts are covered by guarantee (including normal aging).

In order to provide the fastest reply on any guarantee case our company has got spare parts and accessories stock for any machine type. It helps us to solve problems immediately and to decrease machine down-time for customers.

We pay a lot of attention and update weekly our stock for guarantee parts. As opposed to other equipment suppliers our company has got big exchange stock of equipment with more than 100 sets of stock machines and more than 70 sets of show-room machines. It’s definitely our advantage due to we always are ready to replace a unit or a part for guarantee case within a short time.

The time for the guarantee response is 24 hours.


Once the warranty service period is over all our customers will be provided all technical support and offered any kind of service for the supplied equipment.

Guarantee service

Post-warranty service includes:

  • Our «hot line» is for the customers for free advice on carrying out the current repair works or maintenance;
  • Our technicians can pay a visit to our customers for post-warranty machines repair;
  • Carrying out the machines maintenance for our customers – oil change, filter replacement, consumable parts, belts, bearings replacements, the geometry accuracy checking and equipment configuration;
  • Carrying out the upgrading or retrofitting of equipment in work on the customer’s side, for example: rotary table (4th axis) installation on the milling equipment, measurement systems installation made by Renishaw; feeder parts (bar feeder) installation for lathes; installation of parts catcher, hydraulic chuck, hydraulic steady rest and etc;
  • Transferring the machines to customer’s place, including the disassembling, transportation in another place, shop or factory, installation, geometry testing and accuracy setting;
  • Carrying out the average, complex repair works and upgrades of our customers’ machines in our company production area;
  • Carrying out the pre-sale preparation;

Proper repair facilities, highly qualified specialists, special tools and equipment, stock of spare parts and consumables enable the various repair works and maintenance to be done quickly and of high quality.

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