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The selection of the leasing company

Leasing is one of the most effective tools of business development financing.

Leasing of machines in comparison with alternative credit resources offers you the following:

  • liz1.pngDelayed payment is provided to the lessee for whole period of leasing contract validation which is more available than credit period time.
  • liz2.pngLeasing accelerated amortization coefficient is used which helps lessee to transfer leasing property cost into production prime cost 3 times faster.
  • liz3.pngPrompt application processing and making decision of leasing project if comparing with bank credit application.
  • liz4.pngUpon expiration of the lease period, to receive the property in full depreciated property for a symbolic value, which deprives you of the need to continue to pay property tax.

With the help of leasing major projects of supplied equipment were successfully realized.

Nowadays with a big experience in this field our company can offer you the most efficient and financially stable leasing companies specialized especially on industrial equipment supply.

Our company already has got proved samples of project contracts with our leasing partners which helps us to offer the best terms to our customers.


Leasing company

Baltic leasing
Baltic leasing

The BALTIC LEASING group is also certified to negotiate import contracts. The group works closely with leading financial credit institutions in Germany, Italy, Finland and France to name a few.The company has also established various partnerships with international and domestic manufacturers and suppliers. All this allows the company to offer customers exclusive services andstate of the art equipment.

Siemens Financing
Siemens Financing

Automation, electrification and digitalization are rapidly changing the way we do business – and the way we live. Siemens supports your investments in related technology by offering project finance, equipment and leasing solutions, structured finance, capital loans and advisory services. We combine these solutions with unparalleled technology know-how to ensure your next business investment enhances competitiveness, generates greater value and provides a solid foundation for growth.

UniCredit Leasing
UniCredit Leasing

UniCredit Leasing is one of the largest players in the Russian leasing market. Priority activities are leasing of various types of vehicles, construction equipment, industrial equipment, real estate and international leasing.

ГК «Интерлизинг»
ГК «Интерлизинг»

Компания «Интерлизинг» — универсальная лизинговая компания, предоставляющая услуги на всей территории России на протяжении 13 лет. Благодаря приобретенному опыту в сфере финансовой аренды «Интерлизинг» активно развивает и сопутствующие направления бизнеса, такие, как: аренда и продажа б/у техники, страхование и другие. Компания предлагает следующие программы финансирования: «Экспресс», «Стандарт» и «Общий Лизинг».


TENEX-Service leasing company was established in 2005 and it is part of the State Atomic Energy Corporation «Rosatom». The sole shareholder of TENEX-Service is JSC «Atomenergoprom». TENEX-Service has a strong competitive position in the segments of its presence.

VTB Leasing
VTB Leasing

VTB Leasing company is engaged in servicing small businesses and individual entrepreneurs.

Basic conditions of equipment leasing:

  • equipment for all types of production, trade and services;
  • advance payment of 10% of the cost of the purchased equipment;
  • lease term — up to 5 years;
  • the amount of financing — from 250 000 to 500 000 000 rubles.

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